Digital Transcription Service

Transcription Process

If you are new to the transcription process, the following information will guide you through what to expect when you place your project with us for completion.

  • Your initial enquiry can be submitted through the request a quote form which will ask for an overview of the project concerned.
  • We will reply to your queries and provide an estimation of the pricing to complete your transcription work.
  • If you decide to go ahead we will send you a file request which will allow you to access our secure file transfer system to upload your file.
  • The uploading is a very simple process much like attaching a document to an email.
  • Your transcription project will then be allocated to an appropriately experienced team member for completion.
  • The completed project is then returned to our quality team leader who will review the project to ensure our high standards and your satisfaction before returning the completed word document to you for download.

At Digital Transcription Service we treat all projects efficiently and confidentially, taking the pressure off you and ensuring your satisfaction is our priority.